©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT; The Football Game of LIFE



©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT; The Football Game of LIFE



Purpose and Mission:


Design a Board and Digital Interactive Graphic Game that Not ONLY teaches the Terms and Rules of the FOOTBALL GAME, but also is Entertaining, Fun, Educational; Yet also Teaches The “©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT” Football Game of LIFE.







©COPYRIGHT May 26, 2012 TERRY ALLEN REECE, AKA “the Warrior”


©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT; The Football Game of LIFE: is A PRODUCT BRAND OF ©REECENETRICS™ BY ®REECE ENTERPRISES/TIME TRAVEL NETWORK, INC./FAMILY MEDIA COMPANY/TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL, and Jointly owned by BWS, Football Mini-Camps, and All Participating Character Pro-Filer Partners:#TX7-391-838, PREVIOUS REGISTRATION AND YEAR: Txu000523784 1992.




By Placing The Chosen Former “Celebrity Football Player” into the Center Field Dial Spot, Game Players are able to Spin the Celebrity Player Dial to see Where it Lands or Stops. Where the Dial Stops is the Awarded Spot on the BOARD to The Game Player Participant.



Points are Awarded for The Specific Stops where the Dial stops.



The “©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT” GRAND RULE is, that as Long as The Game Participant “Makes a Positive Point Landing, He/She “Takes-IT” to keep Spinning. BUT, IF/Whenever the Player’s Spin lands on a “Penalty”: Then Those Negative Points are Deducted, and That Player’s Turn for that Spin time is over, and The Next Player’s Turn to Spin is on.




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