©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®


©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®

The game of Life, Love, Money, and Finances

This is a presentation of simplicity for Young people for playing in the game of Life!

A Simple lesson Plan for Growing into the adult world of the ©Make-It; Take-It® ways of Life.

A Sports Analogy from the Game of Basketball, applied to The Games of Life

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In the SPORT of Basketball, There is a game called ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®. Footballers, and Track stars, and others may have played it, just to have fun. But, back in the days, ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® was played 2 Main ways, and it taught us about the Game of Life, as related to the Game of Basketball.

The rules for ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®, were/are simple:

#1. Potential Players, Stepped to the Top of the Key, to Shoot to see 1st; who would/will Choose their T.E.A.M. MATES 1st, and

#2; which T.E.A.M. would/will get the ball 1st.

There is a Substantially pointed advantage for securing the first Choice of T.E.A.M. MATES, and securing the Basketball, 1st.

Getting first choice to pick a TEAM, gives advantage to pick the cream of the crop, of choice of players, and getting the Basketball first, gives a distinct advantage of “ONE-UPMANSHIP” because the TEAM that does, IF they can make the first Basket, Then They keep possession of the Basketball, to seek for another Hoop. And That Continues, as long as that TEAM Makes another Basket, each time, They maintain possession of the Ball. But in, ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®, IF the other TEAM, can play substantial Defense, and then stop that 1st TEAM from scoring, then score, themselves; Then the advantage of the ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® rules, switch to the 2nd TEAM’S advantage, and vice-verse, the Game goes until a TEAM scores 12 Baskets, and wins by 2-UP Baskets, after 12.

#3rd Rule, Win, and You maintained the Court, until Some awaiting “Next” TEAM, could possibly Defeat Your TEAM.

When I played, the game of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® Basketball, There were Many times, when MY/Our TEAM would win, and keep winning all day, as many as 10 games for that day, over and over we hammered other T.E.A.M.S. , and sometimes, never lost, that day, until we were so tired, we simply drifted of the Court to leave and head home for the showers, and with the pride that we had been winners, for that day.

How does The Game of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® Basketball transfer to LIFE?

As we all live, and seek, and grow, and go through Life, There are/will be “Makers and Takers” who come and go, into each individual person’s own Life.

You, yourself can become a “Maker”, IF You should be fortunate and skilled enough to become a Professional Athlete, or Highly recognized Entertainer, Singer, or other type of Celebrity.

The “Takers” will then enter into Your Life, or will become more assertive, from already being close within Your circles of Friends, Family, and acquaintances. BUT, The New ones, “TAKERS” will come at You from all kinds of directions, as Agents, as Managers, as Attorneys, as Potential “Great Deals”, as Investment Schemers, as High Priced Glitz and Glamor, all with ONE main purpose, and That is to “TAKE-IT”!

You need to learn How to Be the “MAKER” and “TAKER” of Your Life and its Destination.

Why can’t; IF You can make “IT”, cannot You also “TAKE” “IT”?

And That applies to Life, and all other Successful Careers, for which You may choose to ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®, as Your path.

Once, I heard that the Great Oprah Winfrey, decided, very early in her Entrepreneurial Life, that IF she could “Make-IT”, aka The Money, Then She could look at and keep reigns over her own Check book and Bank accounts. Now, I have never gotten the opportunity to ask her is that is True, But Judging from her continued, long Life of successful Entertainment Businesses, THAT pretty much has to be Fact! Oprah knows the Life’s true games of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®

The Sport of Football, and all Sports, also, as with Life, has it’s ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® Aspects and general rules for success.

In Football, Score more than the other TEAM, and “WIN”!

Very Simple, Huh? But, Learning what/how to Score, and get to the end of the 4th Quarter, ahead, is just as complex, as Learning How to “WIN” at Life. And Playing, By the Rules of Whatever Sport, especially Football, and Basketball, is a Big, Big part of securing that “WIN” into the 4th Quarter.

Life will ensure, that You Must learn, and play by the rules, or You will be Defeated.

Within the Journey of Life, You Must play: ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®, all the time. And Learn the Rules, continually, while securing “IT”! Education, is A Gigantic (Giant; #87, aka B-87), part of how You win the game of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® Of LIFE!

****The Rule of 87, ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® as The Relationship to FOOTBALL goes is:

After the Coin Flip, to begin the Game, That TEAM, which wins the Coin toss, can choose to Kick off, or receive the kick. If They receive the Kick, 1st That TEAM’S kick returner can possibly run the Kick reception all the way back for a Touchdown, or return it for good yardage, or be stopped by the kicking TEAM”S kick Defense Special TEAM, for minimal Yardage. Therefore “Make-IT” is for the Return TEAM to advance the football either for a touchdown, or at least beyond the 20 yard line, which would/will be farther than what a deep kick, or “touch Back” gives as a starting point on the Offensive side field. Whereas; “TAKE-IT”, would be for the Defensive TEAM, or The Kicking TEAM to 1st, Cause a “Touch Back”, by the kicker, kicking the Football deep into the End zone, 2nd, by the Kick-Coverage TEAM causing a “Fumble”, or by the Kick Coverage TEAM to allow ONLY a return, inside of the 20 Yard Line.

After that is settled, wherever on the Field, the Offensive TEAM starts with the Football, The Whole aspect of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® , Plays out as, in Life.

Lets Examine How/Why:

The Offensive TEAM can “MAKE-IT and TAKE-IT”, by Advancing the FOOTBALL down the Field, by obtaining 1st Downs, for every 10 Yards, with 4 Chances to “Make-IT” each ten Yards, and as Long as They “Make-IT” each Ten Yards, within Those each 4 downs (Chances), They “TAKE-IT”, and keep winning at ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®, the Game of The Sport.

The Defensive TEAM’S Purpose is to “TAKE-IT”, the Football away, so they can Transfer the “MAKE-IT” Opportunity over to their Offensive TEAM MATES. Therefore; The Defense has to stop the offensive TEAM from “Making-IT” (the TEN YARDS), within the 4 downs, Usually within 3 of those downs/Chances, to force a Punt, which transfers the “Make-IT” opportunity to their TEAM.

This ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® action, Repeats over and over during the game, and lasts for 4 quarters, until time runs out, and the winner is declared, by way of the final scores, with collections of Field Goals, Touchdowns and Extra Points, or 2 Point Conversions, and/or Safeties.

During all of this actions, it is Very Important, to minimize “Penalties”. Penalties can “Kill” and Destroy either the Offense’s “Make-IT Take-IT” opportunities, or the Defense’s “Take-IT” Momentum.


Growth, and Experiences, Positive Education, Positive Images, Positive Achievements are like obtaining the 10 Yards, with each growth experience, or Positive achievements in Life. They eventually add up to a “LIVING-TOUCHDOWN”; a LIFE Positive Score. But, out there, in Life, are Forces, aka The “DEFENSE” that seeks to “TAKE-IT”, and Stop You from “Making-IT”. Why?, you may wonder; For so many reasons, that we simply cannot name them all, BUT here are a few:

Hate, Jealousy, Envy, Bigotry, Spite, Lust, Greed, Evilness, Selfishness, Thirst for Power, All of the Demonic Forces, that have worked between GOOD & Evil, forever,and continue forever.

Each time that You make a mistake, in Life, whether a Simple Lie, or Bullying of someone, or even Bigger Mistakes; such as Committing Crimes, of Thefts, or Harming someone else, or Taking Drugs, or selling of Drugs, THEN “Penalties” cause You to loose Yardage on the Field of LIFE.

IN Life, just as in the Game of Football, IF You loose more Yardage, than You Gain Positively, then You wind up back in Your own End Zone, and THAT’S a Safety; a Score for the “Defense”, and For the Demonic Forces, who seek to Steal, Kill, and Destroy Your POSITIVE, ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® Journey through LIFE!

Lets All learn how to Play the Game of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ® For LIFE! And Still enjoy the Sports of Football and Basketball ways of ©MAKE-IT, Take-IT ®

*I. Try to determine, as Early as You can, What You really want to be in Life, and walk towards that educational Path, BUT listen to experienced, realistic Guidance form Mentors, who care, about Your well being.

**II. Seek and Try to learn how to Identify the “Takers” who seek to come into Your life.

***III. Have a back-up Plan! The Chances of making it In Professional Sports, and In the Entertainment Businesses is limited, and Even IF, or When You make it in Sports, the Life of the Playing days are very limited. Have a “Plan-A”, a “Plan-B”, and a “Plan-C”! I would even suffice to add “Plans-D” and “E”

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