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The Intended List of “Villainous/Diseases” Characters

#1. ©H.I.V.E.R.N.O., aka
©A.I.D.A.K.O.S., Aka, ©A.I.D.A.K.U.S.

#2. ©Blood Pressure Mangler, also known as ©The B.P. Mangler
©Blood Pressure Mary, aka ©B.P.M., also known as ©The Bloody Mary Monster

#3. ©C.A.N.C.E.L.L.U.L.A.R.


Also known as ©The BIG KAHOONA


#6. ©DIABETO, also known as ©The Monster
©Diabetas, Aka ©S.M., also known as the “©SHE Monster”,



Although These are the CHOSEN of OUR TOP FIVE (6) of some of the most “Evil, VILLAINOUS Disease” Characterized world wide of THE “©HUMANETICS” & The “©HUMEDICS”…. They are by Far NOT the total nor the ending of our Creations, heading forward to help do our part in the World wide Fight against these “Villains”!

The Characters, Brands, and Some Terminological and Individuals of Representations are “Frictional”; Although Many True Facts will be Utilized and Incorporated within the Series and Character Brands of The ©REECENETRICS™ BY ®REECE ENTERPRISES/TIME TRAVEL NETWORK, INC./FAMILY MEDIA COMPANY/TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL, Group of Companies and Partners, All involved Intellectual and Copyrighted Materials are meant as Educational, Entertaining, and Inspiring, without any Malice or references to any True Individuals, Materials, or Content, Except for The Imaginative Sci-Fi/Futuristic Interests of these Branded Series and Characters of ©REECENETRICS™ BY ®REECE ENTERPRISES/TIME TRAVEL NETWORK, INC./FAMILY MEDIA COMPANY/TDM COMICS INTERNATIONAL



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