The Adventures of ©DR. S.O.L.

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The Adventures of ©DR. S.O.L.

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The Adventures of DR. S.O.L.


Authored by Terry the Warrior Reece
Illustrated by Larry Ryan
Edition: First

The Adventures of The Life of a True Life Super Hero, by utilizing a Scientific, Futuristic, Science-Fiction Creative Visionary Twist.
*DR. = Doctor:
**(c)S.O.L. =
***S.= Speed
****O.= OF
*****L.= Light

With super light speed, (c)DR. S.O.L. Can run super fast. And, I mean really fast! With his Speed, he can move fast enough to vibrate his body, enough to generate power, enormous Heat Waves of Energy.
He can Run Fast Enough to Reverse the Time-Space Continuum, and enter the past or the future.
(c)DR. S.O.L. Equals the Doctor for the Speed OF Light.
His Uniform, will utilize light Rays, Light Energy Bursts, and Different Colors of the Light Spectrum’s, to indicate enhancement of his Super powers.
Whenever he Runs, behind him is a trail of lighted streak of light Rays, that leave a temporary streak of Blinding Bright Light.
(c)DR. S.O.L., aka John Telford (his Alter Ego, Alias), even in True life, is a Professor of Civil Rights and Creative Futuristic Studies